In the studio with desolation angels…

Now that it is seeming like spring again, we’re excited to say we have returned to the studio for the first time since 2011 to record some new tracks to release in the summer.  We started work a couple months ago, and spent last weekend in the great Rustbelt Studio under the engineering and producing eye of John Smerek.

John co-produced Hell or Highwater with us, as well as co-engineered and mixed the album, and we’re happy to work with him again.  This weekend, it was mostly Erik’s drums and Wolf’s bass that we got down, and we’re heading back later this month to cut Josh and Dan’s guitar tracks and vocals.

In the meantime, we’re booking new shows, like this weekend’s Nirvana tribute at the Old Miami, so look for us near you, and thank you for your support.

desolation angels

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