Goodbye Desolation Angels… Introducing The 44 Territories

So, you’ve probably noticed something different around here…

For the last 14 years, a group of fantastic musicians worked very hard to create exciting and fun music as Desolation Angels.  With roots in rockabilly, punk and good ole’ rock and roll, we Angels were able to play some great venues, play with some fantastic bands, and create both records and a live act that we have all been incredibly proud of.

Over the last little while, though, something even better happened.  First, the core – singer/guitarist Dan McKernan and drummer Erik Pelto – were rejoined by bassist John “Wolf” Abel.  The songs became fuller, the sound progressed.  Then, Josh Weddle joined the group on lead guitar, and his country-blues playing pushed it further. By the time Jason Bowes joined to fill out the live band, a true amalgamation of alt. country, southern rock, country, folk and garage rock was forged.  Americana.

Earlier this year, we went into the studio with Producer/Engineer John Smerek to begin work on some new recordings.  It was obvious almost immediately that a corner had been turned, and that it was time for something new.

Reinforcing this belief was the simple fact that “Desolation Angels” was a shared name, and the British heavy metal band that had first used it in the 1980s had reformed.  This has meant that users looking for us on Google, fans streaming us on Spotify and even Facebook users trying to “like” us have been directed to the wrong band.

So the decision was made and a new name was chosen.  The 44 Territories – a new name for a new band.  The best songs of Desolation Angels will live on, as well as the explosive live show. But The 44 Territories are definitely a NEW band. New songs.  A new record due out in the fall.  New shows. A new direction, and new sound.

We thank all those great musicians who we’ve been proud to play with as Desolation Angels in the past: Eric Challacombe, Eric Oliver, Eric Dombrowski, Monte Elias, Troy Barth, and those kind enough to sit in with us for a show or three.  And of course, all of the wonderful people who supported the music in any and every way.

It’s the dawning of a new era.  Thank you, most of all, for being our friends and our fans.  And we’ll see you at the next show!

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